13. Global Quantum Leap: Steven Koester

Show notes

In this episode, Chris talks to Steven Koester, Professor of Nanotechnology in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Steve - who is our first external guest - is joining us mainly as the Director of the Global Quantum Leap program – a network of networks including ML4Q - which provides an essential linkage between the fields of nanofabrication and quantum information sciences on an international level. They talk about his electrical engineering background, how he got a first taste of quantum devices during his Masters studies at Notre Dame, eventually leading to his PhD work on indium arsenide. They also discuss his industry experience working at IBM. But as a main topic, he introduces the Global Quantum Leap program and the cultural exchange it fosters in order to tackle big global challenges as in the field of quantum computing.

00:00:00 Intro 00:01:40 Welcome Steve 00:02:47 first taste of quantum devices during Masters studies at Notre Dame 00:04:40 PhD studies at the interphase of nanofabrication, quantum physics and electrical engineering 00:07:20 studying quantum mechanics with an electrical engineering background 00:09:42 challenges with material growth of indium arsenide 00:13:46 joining IBM as a postdoc working on silicon germanium 00:18:34 integrating silicon germanium in CMOS
00:24:00 becoming professor at University of Minnesota after 14 years at IBM and working on 2D materials 00:30:35 taking on the role of the director of the Nano Facility 00:39:03 Global Quantum Leap – the network of networks 00:41:45 possibilities of funding exchange within GQL 00:48:05 partnering up with industrial R&D departments to tackle upscaling challenges

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